Ellen Peker



I'm Ellen Peker, the mind behind Brain Food Life.


I'm a Pilates instructor in New York City, and I am absolutely obsessed with all things health and fitness, personal development and good food, haha!


My mission with BrainFoodLife which actually just started out as an outlet for me to just share my thoughts, is to inspire you in one way or another to take that next step. Wether it be to reach those fitness goals, or try out my favorite healthy recipes :)

My goal is to make your life easier. Simple. I share all the shortcuts. 

I love sharing all the things to help us become the best version of ourselves. :)

When I'm not listening Ed Mylett's podcast or shopping at Trader Joes, haha, I'm probably at home drinking a cold brew with oat milk sitting in my Lululemon leggings with a crazy bun on my head :)


I hope you all love what I am writing about and it has inspired you in some way. 

I would love to connect with you more on Instagram, lets talk :)