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Do These 2 Things In The Morning To Be More Productive.

Hi all, Ellen here!

Welcome back to BrainFoodLife, your go-to source for all things health and fitness, mindset, and the occasional healthy recipe! It has been a while since I hopped back on here now I am happy to share that I will be here every Thursday sharing it ALL (rain or shine)!

Soooo now let's talk productivity... ever since the pandemic, now more than ever people are working from home, and lets just say the routine we all once had is definitely non existent and out the window.

You now might have established a new routine to fit your new work from home schedule, but you still might not be as productive as you want to be... there's distractions everywhere, kids, dogs, your neighbor haha!

Today, I am going to be sharing with you 2 things you need to do in your morning routine to optimize your productivity and focus for the rest of the day!

Set Your Intentions

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do, (after your bathroom routine of course) is set your intentions for the day, both personal and professionally. This should be done before anything else, especially before you check your phone, look at emails, or even exercise.

When you set your intentions for the day you are laying out the framework in your mind of what you want to get done for the day and when you are going to do it. When intentions are being set, subconsciously you will be thinking of actions to reach that goal/intention.

Now you may be thinking, "okay so how do I do that??!"

The most simplest way to do this is by grabbing a pen and paper, or investing in a journal to be able to reach out to every morning to implement into your routine.

In the journal you will now write the title:

"3 Things That Would Make Today Great"

Then simply in 3 bulleted sentences jot down the three most important things you would like to get done today.

Setting your intentions for the day and getting your mind to clear out the unnecessary and work for you is a great way for you to narrow through the clutter in your head and prioritize what needs to get done.

Start Slow

There is true magic when starting the day slow and relaxed. The rest of your day is going to be jam packed with calls, emails and most likely be full speed ahead. The morning is the time of the day you can start on your own terms and sets the vibe for the rest of the day the way YOU want.

Side note- Who else hates being rushed especially in the morning???

The key here is to start slow. Do what makes your heart happy, even if you need to wake up an hour earlier to do so, just do it. After you have set your intentions for the day, take the rest of the time before work to do what you want.

It could be as simple as making a coffee/tea and sitting in your bed to read the book you have been wanting to read, but couldn't find the time.


Going out for a walk and listening to your favorite podcast (I personally do this every morning!!)

Find what makes you excited to wake up in the morning and implement it into your routine. If you skip this part of the morning and just go straight ahead to work mode you are missing out on a prime time of the day for your mind and overall wellbeing. You can't be more productive if you aren't taking care of yourself, and doing what makes you happy.

Starting the day off slow fuels your mind and basically acts as a 'warm up' for the brain to get ready for the rest of the day, and optimize it to work at its full potential.

As a quick recap, to maximize productivity for the rest of the day there are 2 main things that should be implemented into your morning routine.

The first thing is to Set Intentions, when you set intentions for the day you get clear of what you want to achieve and this acts as a roadmap and outline for the day.

Second, is to Start Slow, starting the mornings off slow is a great warmup for your mind to prepare for the rest of the day and to get ready to work at peak performance.

Doing these 2 things in your morning routine acts as a catalyst into having a productive day and getting done what needs to get done :) There is no better feeling then crossing something off of your to-do list.

I hope you all can take these 2 tricks and implement it into your new work from morning routine, I challenge you guys to try one of these and implement it into your morning, and see how your productivity changes in your new work from home schedule.

If you are feeling peckish throughout the day working from home, (I mean who doesn't?!) and can't be bothered to whip out a full meal, I have put together the ultimate healthy snack list that is gluten free + vegan to help you get through the work day. Get the snack list here.

Thank you all for making it until the end, you are already doing big things :) Cant wait to see you next week, same time same place!

Daily Affirmation: I am exactly where I need to be.

xoxo, Ellen