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Feel Like You Have No Time? Do This 1 Thing, So Time Won't Be An Issue

The famous excuse we say for almost everything that we don't want to do is say we have "no time."

What if I told you that there is a hack that you can do every night to suddenly have time, and be more in control of your day?

Welcome to Brain Food Life, your go-to source for all things fitness, food and mindset. It's Ellen here, and today we are going IN with our mindset, because the truth is we ALL HAVE time, it's just the way we think about time is what is limiting us.

To be honest when we really want to do something we inevitably find the time in our day to get it done, one way or another.

If you take a second to think about it WE MAKE THE TIME to do things that we love. Whether it be going on a fun girls trip or even working out.

For example personally, I always MAKE THE TIME in my day to move my body and do some type of workout.. so I may have to wake up earlier to actually fit it in to my day, but so what?

I need to show up for myself first before I head on into the work day.

So you may want to start a new fitness routine or try to get more fit + healthy, but you have work and other responsibilities, so now you feel like you have no time to get a workout in, or even cook a healthy meal. So inevitably its put on the backburner.

Now you may be thinking, "okay Ellen, whatever, tell me how to get more time."

So obviously time isn't something you can just buy on Amazon, (haha, I wish!!)

There is one thing you can ask yourself to clarify how to find the time:

"What can I take out of my day and replace this with?"

This is the big question that is necessary that you ask yourself!

Think about what are some things that you do throughout the day that may take up more time and isn't in alignment with your long term goal, and who you want to show up as.

For example, instead of binge watching a whole season on netflix for 2 hours, you can replace that with doing a 30 minute - 60 minute workout. Or instead of scrolling on Instagram mindlessly for no reason, go cook yourself a cute healthy meal that you can take a picture of and post later, haha!

It all boils down to your priorities at the end.

If you prioritize getting hot and being healthy, you will find a way to get some movement in and cook something that your body will love.

Same thing applies to non productive things as well, if you prioritize Instagram over your wellbeing, then you will find yourself having the "I have no time," syndrome, to do other things that will actually benefit you in the long term.

Of course, this wont come easy, but it all starts with being mindful about your habits, and overtime build up the discipline to shift out of it.

While you are replacing your 'time sucking habits' why not get some healthy snacks on hand? I have put together a grocery list of my personal fav healthy snacks both sweet + savoury, which are also gluten free and vegan! If you want the snacks click here.

That is it friends! Thank you for reading on until the end, I am extremely grateful for you :)

See you next week, same time, same place!

Daily Affirmation: I am being divinely guided by the universe every step of the way, I am exactly where I need to be.

xoxo, Ellen