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Got Crazy Food Cravings? Do This 1 Thing To Stop Them.

Cravings... We all get them time to time. BUT it's what you DO about them that matters...

Welcome to BrainFoodLife, you go-to source for all things health, fitness, mindset, and my fav simple healthy recipes! It's Ellen here, and let me tell you I hear from my clients all the time that they get occasionally get a burst of sugary/salty food cravings, ESPECIALLY at night.

Before we dive in, let me just assure you that this is normal, cravings are a way that our bodies can essentially talk to us. It's important that we listen, don't hang up the call, haha!

I am going to go over what our cravings could actually mean, and the number one thing I recommend you do to combat them. (Hint- it's NOT to ignore them.)

So let's set the scene...

Its 8:23pm, it's been a little over an hour since you finished dinner and you're relaxing scrolling on Instagram or maybe getting ready to watch your fav Netflix show. Then out of NOWHERE you get the feeling to want to eat every sugary, or sweet thing that you could get your hands on, and you might not be able to stop thinking about it.

Its at this point you pause the show you're watching or get off of Instagram and start to make your way to the kitchen and probably grab all the snacks and bring it with you to your couch. Then you go on a binge... finish all the snacks you brought with you, and maybe even want more.

This is an example of what most of us probably do when we get that late night craving, (I certainly can attest to this too, haha!) but did you ever take a second to understand WHY you want all the sugar at that specific time... or why you're even craving it in the first place...?

Before you just rush to figure out how to beat your cravings, it's important to understand what your body is trying to tell you, and this is where; what I like to call it, the 5 Second Breather comes in...

5 Second Breather

So you realize you got hit with a sugar craving. Now what? What does that mean?

Before you tiptoe to your kitchen to find something to satisfy this, first, it's important to take two seconds to analyze where might this craving be coming from.

Take 2 seconds to stop and listen to your body. What is it saying?

For instance you might realize that you're actually just thirsty since you been drinking coffee all day, and had like only 3 glasses of water.

Or you might realize that you are actually HUNGRY for an actual meal since you may have eaten very little throughout the day, and your body needs fuel.

Whatever it may be, listen to it and honor it!

So that sugar craving you have might actually be your body trying to communicate with you that it is dehydrated, or in need of something else.

The main point from this two seconds is to LISTEN.

After you have taken the first two seconds of your 5 second breather to listen to your body, the next 3 seconds should be taken to implement.

So you realize that you're actually just thirsty so you go drink 2 glasses of water. Now take these 3 seconds to feel.

Did you listen to your body? Did you honor the root of your supposed 'sugar' craving? How do you feel after you "implemented?"

If you truly gotten to the root of it, you may actually feel that sweet craving you have actually go away. This actually works.

So you may be thinking, "Okay I listened to my body, but I still have a sweet tooth what do I do??!"

If this is the case, then EAT THE DAMN CHOCOLATE, it's not going to kill you, haha! The problem that may rise here, is once we start it could be hard to stop, so this could lead to overeating and not being mindful about it.

If you want a list of healthy snack ideas both sweet + savoury grab my healthy snack list. I put together a list of my fav healthy snacks that I personally love and LIVE by.

BTW its also gluten free and vegan!!

The key here is to allow what youre craving in moderation, but don't restrict yourself, the more you restrict the more you are coming from a feeling of scarcity which then can cause you to binge eat!!

Let me say that again!! DO NOT restrict, when you restrict your mind is in a feeling of scarcity. In other words dont 'treat yourself' one day and restrict yourself for the next two weeks. That is a vicious cycle!! Instead, when you are craving chocolate eat the serving and then move on. DO NOT dwell on it or feel guilty, it is just a piece of chocolate...

So let's sum up the 5 Second Breather.

Step one: Take 2 seconds to stop and actually listen to your body and what its saying. What is the actual root of the craving? Is it stress? Dehydration? Or maybe your body is just trying to tell you it needs more fuel?

Step two: Take the last 3 seconds to implement what your body has told you. Didn't drink enough water throughout the day? Go drink 2 more glasses of water.

After you have implemented, analyze how you feel. Still have a craving? Honor it, appreciate it and enjoy what you want in moderation then move on. Don't restrict yourself, come from a place of abundance rather than a mindset of scarcity...

So there you have it!! This is my secret tip to combat the cravings and really get to understand and hone in on what your body is trying to tell you.

Thank you all for reading until the end! I am super grateful for you :)

Also, don't forget to grab my healthy snack grocery list, when that craving comes it's good to have a couple of healthy nutrient dense snacks on hand!

See you here next week, same time same place :)

Daily Affirmation: The universe is divinely guiding me to where I need to be!

xoxo, Ellen