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Want To Get Fit? Then Do These 2 Habits.

Let me say that for one, I LOVE creating habits and even better I LOVE routines!! (am I weird? haha!)

Welcome to Brain Food Life your go-to source for all things fitness, food, and mindset! Ellen here, and today we are going to be talking about two of my favorite things ever. Getting hot and habits.

Yup, I said getting hot.

Let's be honest who doesn't want to have a rockin hot bod?

But you just can't expect to wake up one day and have washboard six pack abs or lifted glutes. This is a process, and you form these results through by doing one thing, and one thing only. CREATING YOUR DAILY HABITS.

So before we get into the juicy stuff lets start off by addressing what even are habits...

According to google and in my simplest words possible, habits can either be good or bad and are things that you do everyday to achieve a certain goal. For example, an example of a BAD habit is going on your phone as soon as you wake up.


This is a habit but not a good one.

So back to the topic of getting fit and toned.

There are 3 habits that you can implement into your everyday routine that can help you reach your rockin hot bod.


This is so crucial to do everyday.

So you may be wondering... "Okay Ellen, what does that even mean?!"

To set your overall day up for success and get your body ready for the day ahead, you should start your day with a little bit of movement.

This could be a 5-10 minute stretch in the morning, or a 15-30 minute walk outside with an amazing podcast (my personal favorite thing to do!)

By starting your day off with a little bit of movement before officially starting the day is extremely important for your mental health as well as amazing for your body.

Getting some movement in (yes, even as little as 5 minutes) can help you get into a positive frame of mind and shift your energy to a more positive energetic state and release stress.

If you are stressed and on the go all the time from the minute you wake up, then you might not have the greatest mojo and it will show in your body.


Yes. I know you have probably heard this a gazillion times and you are probably are over hearing this.


So what? You may have heard this a gazillion times but have you actually implemented it?


Water is necessary as if you didn't know that already, haha!

BUT Did you know that our bodies can't tell the difference between being extremely thirsty and hungry?

So in reality you may feel hungry, but your body is actually trying to express to you that it is ACTUALLY thirsty.

Just because of this, you may be eating more, have a weird digestive system problem going on and may even have headaches.

I'm telling you!! Water is so underrated. It is literally like a magic cure!!

It's good to start to develop the habit of at LEAST drinking 2 Liters of water a day (which is basically 2 big poland spring bottles!)

I'm telling you once you start drinking water consistently you will be wondering where it has been your entire life. Not kidding!! Haha.

Fun Fact: I can't go anywhere without having a water bottle on me, it is basically apart of my body : )

Now I'm not saying if you just implement these two habits that you will be fit and toned in no time.


If you apply these two habits on a consistent basis you will be on the right direction to where you want to be in your health and fitness.

As I like to say, keep it as SIMPLE as possible. That's why this post does not have 10232 different habits for you to implement, take it one step at a time!!

Before you know it, you will be there in no time friend :)

While you're adding these two habits into your routine step by step, why not add in some healthy snacking into the mix?! I have put together a grocery list of my favorite healthy snacks (sweet + savoury) that I personally LOVE. BTW did I mention everything is gluten free and vegan... get the list here.

Well there you have it friends, these are the top 2 habits I suggest anyone and everyone add into their daily routine whether they want to get fit or just be a sane human, haha!

Thanks for reading it on to the end, you are already one step closer to your goals then you where 2 minutes ago : )

What are your non-negotiable everyday habits? Let me know in the comments below!

See you next Thursday! Same time, same place :)

Daily Affirmation: I am being divinely guided by the universe at all times, I am exactly where I need to be.

xoxo, Ellen