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How to Stick to & Crush your Fitness Goals.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

So you signed up for a new gym membership, or you are working out at home and you purchased an online streaming membership. That's great! You just took one step towards your goal, whatever it may be, could be to lose weight, gain muscle, or just to live an active healthy lifestyle. You're excited as ever to start, but after two weeks in. . . All motivation has been lost. We all been there while first starting out on our fitness journey, trust me, you're not alone haha. I'm going to share all that I have learned in my fitness journey, and how I maintained and implemented it it my everyday lifestyle.

Before I start explaining it all I have one question to ask you which is crucial to have the answer to when first starting out. The answer to this question will travel with you throughout this journey. The first thing would be to look inwards and think "WHY?" 'Why do you want to make this lifestyle change?' 'What would you gain after accomplishing this goal?' and lastly, 'How will you feel after you achieved your goal?' Now I want you to stop reading, (yes, stop reading) grab a pen and paper or open the notes app in your phone, and write the answer to each of these 3 questions. That's it. Simple. The answer to each of these questions should be essentially your "WHY" of why you are doing this in the first place and have a defined reason for this drastic lifestyle change.

Change is something that is not easy to embrace, but there is beauty in change, and once we can see that and admire it, that is where the journey really begins.

I also want to say that just by reading this right now, you are guiding your energy and attention towards something that you want, which already puts you one step further. :)

If you are feeling unmotivated, and don't even want to think about getting sweaty and working out, reflect back to your answer to each of those 3 questions. The end result/goal you have set should be greater and be able to overcome any feeling of laziness, or things that may seem like obstacles get in your way.

Workout Equipment, dumbells, resistance bands. How to stay motivated with your workout and fitness goals

Another thing that has really helped me stick to my goals and stay motivated is to have a plan and know before hand what my workout for that day will be. For example, Monday is lower body day, Tuesday is upper body, Wednesday is full body Pilates, etc. Having a plan and structure even to this day keeps me motivated and excited to workout. Now don't get me wrong I am all about listening to your body and doing what feels right for you to do that day as well. However, when just starting out and having a plan set in stone for the week, will help you build the discipline to implement fitness into your everyday life, and genuinely be excited for your workout of the day. :)

One last thing I would like to mention that may seem a little silly at first, is to just simply remind yourself how good you will feel afterwards (post workout endorphins - duh haha), and think about how your future self will thank you for taking the 30-60 minutes to take care of your body.

As a Pilates Instructor my clients are always asking me how they can stick to a fitness routine that they enjoy. To quickly summarize, to crush your fitness goals you need to find your why, develop a 'plan' and do workouts that genuinely love to do, and make you feel good.

I would like to call it 'total nourishment for the mind and body.' :)

I hopefully answered that question in this post and provided some insight and value, now go find your "why" and crush those goals!!

Daily Affirmation: I am at peace with my body, I value all that it does for me.

xoxo, Ellen