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The #1 Thing I Did To Build Self Confidence...

Hi all Ellen here!

Welcome To Brain Food Life, your go-to source for all things health and fitness, mindset and the occasional healthy recipe. Today I am going to share with you all my journey to self confidence, from being shy and timid to being confident in myself and owning who I am, no matter what the situation.

Not everyone is born radiating confidence, but it is a muscle that can be built, and it's much more simple than you may think!

So let's set the backstory... for as long as I can remember I was the quiet girl in the classroom and didn't really engage much with people around me, that mainly was from the lack of confidence, and my introvertedness combined haha.

Now, I will say what's on my mind, and I honestly could care less for what others have to think/say, because I am confident in my own skin and know who I am.

This definitely isn't an overnight process, but if I could do it, I'm sure anyone can haha! Here, I am going to be sharing with you my number one tip I learned to grow my self confidence and literally claim my power.

I stopped looking for external things/validation to make me feel better, and I started looking inwards to find that feeling.

Stop Caring

To start, this always begins with our mindset.

Also before I go more in depth, I need to address the elephant in the room STOP caring what other people have to think about you. I can promise you they are probably not even thinking about you, because they are too busy thinking about themselves and their own lives.

So obviously my first tip is to put a halt on overthinking about what others think. This is HUGEEE. I want you to think back about a time when you lacked the confidence in yourself to share something you are passionate about (like a hobby, project or new business) simply because you thought people were going to say something negative about it or you.

I could think of a million times.... haha!

Just to reassure you and my past self, these people probably could care less, or had something to say and forgot about it 2 days later... We are not that important to other people as much as we may think haha!

Now now I know this is more easier said than done.

Whenever those feelings rise up, I always tell myself "Act Confident & No One Will Question You"

I love that saying because hey, you could be wearing the most funkiest pants or have a weird business idea in someone else's eyes, but if you act confident and rock those pants you allude an energy that is truly not describable.

It is so powerful to be confident, once you truly feel at peace with yourself and your decisions you radiant so much more.

As I said before this all begins by simply not caring.

Stop putting your energy into other people and focus on you.

Guide that energy towards making yourself better, which in turn builds up your confidence and how you show up.

I can share with you a million other tips to build your confidence but where is the value in that? Speaking from experience, this simple act of not caring is what built my confidence more than I could have ever imagined.

This is a huge mindset shift, and can be implemented over time day after day. When you find yourself overthinking again of what other people may think, I want you to remember my go to saying: "Act confident and no one will question you."

I hope you all have found this valuable if you find yourself struggling with confidence from time to time. I want you to remember that overthinking and creating false scenarios is our biggest enemy to ourselves and is NOT true.

Be yourself, focus your energy towards being better than you were yesterday, and SHOW UP. You are already winning my friend :)

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Its time for you to claim your power, eat your healthy snacks and radiate all that confidence you have within you!!

Thanks for reading until the end, you are already winning.

See you next Thursday! Same time, same place.

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Daily Affirmation: I effortlessly radiate confidence.

xoxo, Ellen