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Thinking About Starting A Diet? This Is Why You Shouldn't...

Whether you want to start a diet for the new year, or you just want a quick fix any time of the year, diets may not be the best solution...

Welcome to Brain Food Life your go-to source for all things fitness, food, and mindset! Ellen here, and this topic has been on my mind for awhile now and I really feel I should debunk the truth about diets. Since it's that time of year when everyone is going to think of setting new goals, especially when it comes to their health and fitness.

The automatic thought most of us think when we want to "lose weight' or 'fat' is to do a crazy restrictive diet, and basically eat foods that we hate.

There is so much conflicting information about diets on social media and all over the web, and like 109283 different diets that it makes it impossible to know which one is the best for us.

I mean c'mon there is keto, paleo, whole30, and the list goes on and on.

Honestly the truth is...

The best diet, is NO diet.

To add on to that I mean, stop doing ridiculous zero carb zero sugar zero everything diets.

Obviously you're going to lose weight on a diet, and the only reason for that is because you're in a calorie deficit.

That. Is. All.

All of these diets are not sustainable for the long term, and by that I mean the progress that you have made on a specific diet will go down the drain when you go back to your 'regular' eating regimen.

Not only that, diets can lead to disordered eating habits (which is something you definitely don't want to develop) and basically means your whole life is going to revolve around food and what's "good" or "bad."

Imagine being invited to your best friends wedding and you "can't" eat the amazing cake because it will "ruin" your diet...

You don't need to live like that. You don't need to let your food control you.

You can control your food, eat the damn cake, and still be healthy and energized.

If you're wondering how, this is where what I call, the 'no' diet comes in!!


The NO diet is not a diet, I would like to call it more of a lifestyle, haha!

This 'diet' consists of being aware of the foods that you are eating, fueling your body with real whole foods (mainly unprocessed) that will nourish and provide you with more energy, clarity, and amazing digestion :)

This is not something that you do for a certain amount of time and stop.

Again as I mentioned at the top, this is NOT a diet. So if you want to eat a piece of cake at your friends wedding, you can, and you will.

Everything is allowed in moderation. Eat the slice of cake and move on with the rest of the day, eat your veggies and move on. The key here is to find the balance, and eat whole foods that will nourish your body and are in alignment with your goals, as well as allow yourself freely to eat the foods that other may deem as "bad."

Main Takeaways of The NO Diet:

  • It's not a time slotted diet or quick fix, this is a lifestyle.

  • Consume real whole foods (these foods probably don't have or need an ingredient list)

  • Be mindful about what you are eating and if it is in alignment with your goals

  • Understand the ingredients that are in the packaged foods you are buying. (Look at the ingredient list and make sure there you know and can pronounce each and every ingredient)

  • The safe number of ingredients in a packaged item should be a maximum of around 5-7 ingredients

  • Eat the damn cake if you want it, allow yourself everything in moderation (no restricting!!)

As you probably can tell the NO diet is essentially the opposite of what every diet guru tells you to do.

That's why most people can't stick to a diet, they feel restricted and are 24/7 in scarcity mode.

This is why The NO Diet is awesome, you are still obviously going to eat healthy nourishing foods, but you are NOT cutting out any food groups like carbs or fats (which most diets make you do!) and you are allowing yourself to make the decision to pick which foods to consume, because you understand the direct benefit of it.

While you are living your life eating The NO diet way, why not enjoy some amazing healthy snacks to help you smooth into things?! I put together a healthy snack grocery list just for you (sweet + savoury), if you want a copy click here!

There you have it friends, I truly hope you take a few pointers out of this I don't want you to fall into the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting!

What do you think about The NO Diet? Does it seem like something you could do for the long term? Let me know in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading until the end! You are so cool for that, haha! If you want to chat a little more, follow me on instagram, I would love to connect with you.

See you next week friend, same time, same place!

Daily Affirmation: I am on the right path.

xoxo, Ellen