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The Reason You're Reading This.

Hi!! I'm Ellen, and I truly believe you who are reading this line right now was divinely guided to me by the universe, you are meant to be here reading this, and I am meant to be writing this. So this is my first blog post officially, I guess?! Anyways welcome!! I'm starting this journey here today to share all that I have learned to hopefully help someone out there who truly needs to see this and gain some value of it. I'm sharing all things health and fitness, money, work, life, food, and basically everything else in between that I feel called to share. We are all on this journey of life and virtually I want to share my thoughts on the things that I feel of importance on in my journey, and hopefully connect to someone in the midst of their journey. I hope to spread light and positivity, I dont want to put labels on anything that I am doing, I see that as a limitation, and why should we limit ourselves in any way??! To conclude this first post I would like to say, thank you for reading until the end, and Im excited for this new path that I am traveling down, and I hope to see you in the next one.

Daily Affirmation: I am powerful, I have the power to accomplish all of my wildest dreams, guided by the universe I am on the path to becoming my highest self.