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Transform Your Mind- How To Be More Positive.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Do you ever catch yourself talking to yourself and realize the negative self talk patterns that are on constant replay on your mind throughout the day? Majority of the time our mind is talking, whether we realize it or not, this could be positive or negative, and this really dictates the energy that we project, as well as the energy that we attract. This could also be thought of/defined as the Law of Attraction.

The more negative things that you constantly think about, it could be negative self image talk or even talking down on someone else, is projected on to you and could be seen as your 'vibe.' Ever heard of the saying "your vibe attracts your tribe?" The more negative thoughts/actions you put out into the universe, the more negativity the universe will bring back to you. However, the same goes for positive thoughts and actions as well. Who doesn't want more positivity in their life??! Haha.

So now you may be thinking, 'Well Ellen, I want to stop being a negative Nancy but how in the world do I even do that?'

So let me start by saying that your mindset and your outlook on life WONT transform overnight, but taking the necessary steps day by day will definitely transform your mind for the rest of your life.

- I wasn't always Miss Positive, (I of course still have my off days, and that is completely normal) but I did go through a particular time in my life where I thought the universe was completely against me, but actually, my mind was my biggest enemy. The universe was just returning to me what I was putting out into it.

Hopefully you can implement the tips I learned from my journey of becoming more positive and implement it into your life as well.

- The first step I would say is to, become mindful of your thought patterns throughout the day. Take note when your mind thinks of something harsh/negative and take a moment to think 'what triggered you to think something like this?'

- Once you have identified the, lets call it, 'Negative Nancy Trigger' we need to find a way to raise your frequency back up to a higher vibration. Now, I want you to think instantly of something that makes you happy, something that brings you joy, something that instantly puts a smile on your face the second that you think about it. It could be a childhood memory, your dog, or that vegan high protein dessert recipe that I shared the other day haha :)

- After you have found your high vibe thought, just hold it in your mind for about 30 seconds, and take 3 big deep breaths and exhale all of the 'Negative Nancy' energy that may have accumulated.

This is a simple way to reset your vibrations in your mind and alter it to a positive headspace. You can do this sitting in your cars parking lot, waiting on line at the grocery store, or before you even go to sleep.

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Another effective way that I have found positivity is by simply doing the things that I love to do. I love working out, doing pilates, going out to brunch, and sometimes just sitting alone and having some me time.

Find things that you love to do and schedule it in your calendar for even an hour of the day for some much needed mind and body self care. Its important to reset and treat ourselves from time to time, find things that you feel passionate about doing and DO IT.

Protect your energy.

Doing these things that I have mentioned above have helped me overtime become more optimistic, and attract more abundance into my life, by simply taking the necessary steps and prioritizing myself first.

I truly believe once you put out into the universe and declare to yourself that you want change, change will come. Your mind is one of the most powerful things in the world, use it to your advantage.

xoxo, Ellen

Daily Affirmation: My mind is my friend, abundance flows to me in all aspects of my life, I am radiating positivity.