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What is Neutral Thinking? And How to Actually Do it.

Hi all! Welcome to BrainFoodLife your go to source for all things health and fitness, mindset, money, and the occasional healthy recipe. Haha. Today we are going to address something that can totally transform your mindset, neutral thinking. Have you ever heard about this before? ITS A TOTAL GAMECHANGER. This way of thinking can help you push through hard times when things may feel like there is no progression, and help you get past those negative situations. Before we get into it, lets first set some backstory...

So we all know the two main ways of thinking, negative and positive. Our negative thoughts hold more authority in our mind compared to our positive thoughts. And as we all know by now our thoughts are POWERFUL and they can bring about things in our reality, whether we realize it or not. Did you know if you speak a negative thought out loud the probability of it happening is 40-70x greater, compared to when you just think about it? YUP. Let that sink in. Moral of the story here is don't speak negative thoughts haha.

But now you may be wondering 'Well Ellen, what if I'm in a terrible situation, how can I possibly start to think positively??!

If you have the power to see the positive in every situation that you are put in and be able to transform it, I applaud you, because that is truly a skill. However, alot of people are not capable of doing that just yet, truly because of the mechanics of the brain and how it is wired, we are programmed to always be in 'fight or flight' mode. Its almost automatically, we think of a negative situation or scenario that could potentially happen (but most likely wont,) instead of thinking of what amazing things could happen. This is all due to evolution, and how if back in the days humans didn't think of the worst possible scenario, and predict the worst that could happen, then they probably would've got stepped on by a dinosaur and we wouldn't be where we are today.


So if you are in a tough situation you are most likely going to think and speak (hopefully not!!!) negatively, and overall make the situation 40x worse then it already may be. You may even find it impossible to see any positive/good thing come out of it. Instead of stacking negative thoughts one on top of the other and going down a wind hole, you can chose another route.

Well my friend, this is where neutral thinking comes in...

In any hard situation neutral thinking can be your best friend. Let me start by explaining, what actually is neutral thinking! In the most simplest terms ever, think of it as a blueprint and stepping stone to transforming your negative thoughts in the situation to more positive, to see even a glimpse of light.


In plain words, it is neutral, there is essentially no emotion backed behind it. These neutral thoughts serve as a plan/roadmap for you to walk across the bridge to get past the negative into a more neutral and possibly even positive place. It is a true mindset shift, and we all have the power in us to do this.

So now you may be thinking, yes I actually read your mind haha, "Okay cool, but how can I actually do this?"

The best way to demonstrate this is with an example. So lets bring it relevant to the tough times right now, in which alot of people can relate to. We are all going through similar things in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, and it is all effecting us in different ways. We all may have some negative thoughts arise about the situation at one point or another, I know I definitely did in the beginning, and I like to pride myself in always trying to be positive haha, but this even took a toll on me as well.

The key here is to not dwell on these negative thoughts and the situation, but start to think about 'what you can do right now to shift it,' even it is something totally out of your control, like this pandemic. Now lets get even deeper.

A possible thought you could've had is

"Im going to go broke, and wont be able to provide for my family since I cant go to work."

This is an example of a negative thought. Side note, this is something that you should steer clear of saying, dont make a bad situation worse with your thoughts and words.

Now lets go down the road and shift this to a neutral thought, which is more like an action oriented plan. This could be something like:

"What can I do aside from going to work to be able to provide for my family?"

"How can I make passive income at home, so I can be able to spend more time with my family instead of going to work?"

Do you see the difference between a neutral and negative thought??! It is a huge shift in our perspective and can impact us tremendously.

These two thoughts remind me of the saying "winners will always find a way to win, and losers will always find a way to lose."

With a neutral thought you are setting yourself up to take action, to change the hard situation that you may be in.

Action leads to change.

Do you see just by those examples how powerful the action of neutral thinking is?! Think of it as a process of getting through a tough situation supported by action which then results to a positive result/circumstance. I love it!!

So what do you guys think about neutral thinking? Do you think its something that you can start to implement in your lives? I hope so!

As I have mentioned many times before, your brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle in your body you need to train it, it takes consistency and dedication.

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Before we conclude, I want to give well deserved recognition to the person behind 'neutral thinking' Trevor Moawad! He is truly a genius for this theory!

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Let me know what you think about neutral thinking, (haha see what I did there) down below in the comments, or feel free to message me on Instagram, I would love to connect with you guys!!

PS- Just for showing up to my masterclass I will send you a fun bonus :)

Daily Affirmation: I am the creator of my future, I have all the resources I need within me.

xoxo, Ellen